Classes For All Ages!

Victory Bible Class (Adult)
This is an adult Bible class, taught by Mr. Jeff Hall, and meets in the church's main auditorium. Together we study God's Word and learn how to practically apply those principles we learn to everyday living.

Ambassadors (Grades 7-12)
The purpose of our church youth ministry is to help equip young people with the necessary tools from God's Word to lay the right foundation for the rest of life. Our youth leader is Pastor Birdsong.

Conquerors (Grades 7-8)
We're looking for a new teacher . . .

Pioneers (Grades 4-6)
A pioneer is someone who explores new things. Mrs. Charlotte Birdsong is the teacher of this class and always seems to know just how to challenge boys and girls in their walk with the Lord.

Sunbeams (Grades 1-3)
The Sunbeams, along with their teacher Mrs. Charlotte Birdsong, are learning to let their lights shine brightly for Jesus.

Little Lambs (3-5 years, Kindergarten)
Mrs. Teri Hall loves to teach our Little Lambs about following the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ.